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What is EDclerk?

EDclerk is the missing connective piece for Secondary Schools. We allow Admin and teachers to easily organize and input required qualitative data. Teachers were taught to “Document, document, document.” and “If it’s not in writing it never happened!”. That is no more true than in Special Education. But beyond Special Education and some referrals there is very little qualitative data available about students.

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Why is this important?

In primary schools students are placed in classes that remain together during the day with one main teacher. Parent/student & teacher relationships tend to be stronger at this level. With the small number of students, teachers have the ability to log qualitative data to match each student’s needs. The increased interaction between teacher and student allows more consistency in redirections and learning moments to correct behavior, and engagement. Which tend to produce better test scores at grade level.

Secondary schools tend to be larger, have more educational options and a higher variety of scheduling combinations. Therefore no two students have the same schedule. Each student has 7-8 different teachers, each teacher has 85 to 125 different students. This reduces the number of connections one teacher has with any one student on any given day. Since Covid-19 these issues have exacerbated.

Where do we fit?

We created a collect-to-effect system for every student in your school based on behavior, accommodations, modifications, progress monitoring, student work samples, Restroom and Hall Passes, Tardies, School activity dismissals, as well as tutorial, event, and intervention scheduling, all in one easy to use system. Data is entered 10x faster by teachers, stored in a centralized location and notifications are delivered to mentors at the most appropriate time to ensure maximum effectiveness for any student.

What are the outcomes?

Teachers help teachers with student issues before they become referrals and bottleneck the system. Coaches, Band, Clubs, Electives and CTE staff are casted as mentors for students in those programs, becoming an integral part of your core curriculum by staying on top of students effort in tested subject areas. Case managers can view issues for special education and 504 students prior to consulting with general education teachers. This feedback loop ultimately creates the consistency secondary schools are missing as compared to primary schools but doing it in a way that is less taxing on teachers then previous methods.

We Listen and Build Solutions

When you subscribe to EDclerk campus admin and teachers have direct access to share issues with our team. We evaluate, develop components and make those features available to schools within our community for no extra charge.

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Simple, Effective and Practical.

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